• Checking own sites
  • Reading, scrolling and browsing other sites
  • Checking sites’ stats
  • Checking daily revenue 10 times a day
  • Tweaking ads
  • Looking for new affiliate programs
  • Reading reviews and experiences of certain ad-programs
  • Gazing at sites to pickup ideas

Just some of the things that keep me from writing actual content for my blogs.

But what keeps me mostly away at this moment, is the overall design. I am preparing a new blog design. Tweaked with the reader in mind, with better placed and less annoying ads, smoother, a bit more Web2.0 and for me: easier to maintain.
That last point is maybe most important. Ideally I just want to write. No shifting ads around in posts, no hassle with pictures. So that is the other point of view I use while designing my new theme.

I want to blog from my wonderful ECTO and nothing more…

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

RRSSB is built with SASS, so you can easily customise it by tweaking a few variables. SVGs allow for tiny file size and retina support.

Beautiful Loading Spinners

A set of leading spinners, animated with CSS, created by the brilliant Githubber @tobiasahlin.

DissidentX Hides Secrets In Plain Sight

BitTorrent Creator, Bram Cohen, created New Software DissidentX, which hides Secrets In Plain Sight.