“I am seeing a slow but steady increase in my blogging-revenue and it makes me enthusiastic to blog more…”

I was surprised by my own reaction and thought it a wrong motivator for blogging. Sure, I do want to make some money, but should money be the initial motivator?

What are the different motivators that get you blogging anyway?

  1. Being out there – There still is something magical about the ability to share your words with the whole world. Proof can be seen in the fact that a large proportion of today’s bloggers have absolutely no shame to share their deepest and most intimate feelings with the rest of the world.
  2. Interaction – Blogging is a way of communicating where the barrier for interaction can be quite low. Therefor, getting in touch with new and known people can be achieved rather swiftly. Usually the motivation comes from the (huge) response through comments and the people “being part” of your miniworld: your website.
  3. Traffic – Whether or not you have monetized your website, the amount of traffic (mainly the unique and returning visitors) can be an important motivator to keep you blogging. It can be contradictory: First you improve and increase your blogging to get more traffic till a certain point with steady traffic, where maybe you become more reluctant and less pushed to blog on a regular basis…
  4. Fame – Linked with nr. 1, but in a more ambitious way. Certain bloggers really have the aim to get worldwide recognition, either through knowledge or otherwise through kinky revelations. =)
  5. Polishing your R?sum? – As most of today’s employers “google” your name in order to get your “electronic” references also, we see more and more bloggers that use that blog to improve their online appearance, as well as to use it for actually find a job.
  6. Money – Making some extra bucks or even trying to make blogging your main source of income, either way it influences what and how you blog. Once the revenue counter starts ticking, it seems only natural to try to increase that stream of “side-income”.
  7. Sharing – Either or not to achieve interaction, but a lot of the non-personal blogging concerns displaying/sharing one’s knowledge on a certain topic.
  8. A personal touch to business – We have seen a huge increase of “corporate blogs” lately. The consumers’ and clients’ need for in depth and personal stories from behind the company’s curtain is a tremendous motivator for many companies to start blogging. Mainly, as for a large proportion of them, it has proven to be an extra assett in gaining customer’s confidence in both product and company.
  9. Boredom – Not really applicable to me, but there are blogs I come across that have their writer’s boredom written all over it.

While writing this I think I can say that steady income might be one of the goals, increase in daily revenue a stimulator and a mixture of the above mentioned ingredients makes your motivator-milkshake.

How does it work for you?

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