When some of your blogs reach a certain amount of traffic, it seems logical to find some more ways of monetizing your blog. As it happened, so did I.

For me this resulted in trying out many different advertising and affiliate programs, logically with different levels of success. Especially now, while my blogging frequency is a bit low, I have the time to take a closer look at all the programs I am involved in. I was baffled with what I saw: In about a year time I had managed to make quite a mess out of my whole idea of monetizing my sites.

So. What I need to do now is refine:

  • I will keep Adsense where I have it, as it is still the most steady source of revenue from my sites.
  • I shift focus to those programs that not only have a good pay per click, but also have the right backend, support and payment structure.
  • I try to stay member of the programs I do not use anymore for possible future usage.
  • I will try to broaden the usage of the programs that I stick to.

Simply said: I make it easier for myself to overview what I am dealing with and can put more effort in optimizing the trusted programs.

Once you notice that a program works well for a certain site and you feel comfortable with its usage and results, it is only natural to optimize the way you are using it. Not only for you, but especially for your visitors it contributes in the overall performance and professionalism of your website.
Even more important, it often creates the possibility to reach a closer relationship with your advertiser’s representative and therefor offers more and better targeted strategies.

How does it work for you?

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