I had in mind to launch the ipears-network in all its glory somewhere around January first… come to realise that this semi-pro-blogging takes a little more than expected, especially in preparing everything.
The whole upgrading to WordPress 2.0 was a breeze, as well as implementing K2 in in different styles to the different sites.

Then I started working against myself… I work both from Mac and Windows. So a lot of changes to the themes are made directly to the server, while the back-up on my Powerbook is left unchanged. That does not really matter, as long as you do not plan to upgrade all your K2-themes to the latest version… Beta 2. Which is the case right now. So a lot of backing-up and upgrading again.

Time is my biggest enemy this moment. The feeds in my Bloglines outnumber the related posts by far. As I am only un-locking a site when I think it has enough body (read: posts), I still have some work to do. The holidays late December and a belated B’day gift (a weekend away with my girlfriend) can be taken into consideration when you are up-to-date and prepared, but not when you are still building up the framework.

Where I am really happy what HalfTrue looks like, both lay-out and contents, I have the same with Curlysoul and WorldJuices. WifiFeeds is getting enough “body”, I am almost at the level of satisfaction.

All the things I needed to do would have fitted into a nice and peaceful Christmas-holiday, but unfortunately the amount of work did not allow me to. That will probably become the main reason not to reach pro-blogging level… Still I see options.

Working hard…

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