The last, say, 30 boxes, my productivity in blogging was quite far under average. A business-trip to South Africa and a ski-holiday in France contributed to that, combined with the fact that I did not put any effort in in-advance-posting.

Another thing is that I got sucked into the stream of posts, stories and pillar-articles by others that teach readers “how to blog slash post slash build slash design slash join a blog network slash etcetera…
I realized that reading those articles, pondering and generating ideas took me more time than I spent on actual writing. It is not really something that is unnatural, I guess. Still crawling in the world of blogging instead of running, I seek for inspiration in other blogs and websites.

I read an interesting article on Deepak Chopra. One of his quotes was about that what we try to teach is the thing we need most ourselves… Which might come down to the fact we actually seek for confirmation and respect on that certain subject. Reflecting that on the prominent persons that show us the way in blogging-land… interesting. =) One step further it makes you wonder what each blogger exactly seeks… what the purpose of blogging is? Narcism?

Anyhow, I think I am going to spread my time-usage a bit differently. Less reading, more writing. I have read quite some lately and the time is ripe to turn that in some quality posts.

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

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Beautiful Loading Spinners

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