Just came across this new player in the market of “all-in blogging services”… Terapad.
I did not yet have the time to testdrive it, but at first hand it appears to be a very complete and easy to use service.

Some facts:

Here’s the deal: for only $18.00/month, Terapad.com does everything you’d like your corporate site or personal blog to do, and does it a lot better than your current solution. You can have as many editors as you want, and there are no hidden cost, no downloads, and of course, no spyware or spam, ever.

On top of the blogging features we add image gallery, event calendar, forums, Paypal-ready shop, CSS layout editor, a WYSIWYG content management system and even a career management module.

The available initial layouts look quite appealing, but they give you all options to fully change the CSS. The commercial touch the whole service offers to its users can be of an extra value for many. Integrating a PayPal ready shop with just a few clicks enables you to easily get your stuff for sale online.

I look forward to the first user reviews…

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