The new Coca-Cola glass is designed to ensure the right balance, which in Coke means “sweetness, acidity, minerality, and effervescence,” according to Riedel. The bubbles stay longer on the palate. “The finish,” he claims, “is much longer” compared with drinking from a normal glass, and the aroma is more intense. Add that to your tasting notes. The glass is designed and tested for regular Coca-Cola (not diet)—Pepsi (PEP) fans use at your own risk.

Wow… are we really in that moment of time that we want to take one’s CSD experience to the level of a wine-tasting in La Douce France???

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

RRSSB is built with SASS, so you can easily customise it by tweaking a few variables. SVGs allow for tiny file size and retina support.

Beautiful Loading Spinners

A set of leading spinners, animated with CSS, created by the brilliant Githubber @tobiasahlin.

DissidentX Hides Secrets In Plain Sight

BitTorrent Creator, Bram Cohen, created New Software DissidentX, which hides Secrets In Plain Sight.