If you follow a little bit of techcrunch, reading between the lines you can possibilities for new targeted blog-traffic on a everyday basis.

I often ask myself whether I should create a combination of profiles (youtube, myspace, linkedin, facebook, hyves, vox etc) that are all related to that specific website. Just to drive targeted (people with same interest, hobbies, movie favorites) visitors to my website.
I tried this with a MySpace profile where I have like 800 “friends” right now… Every now and then I post a bulletin and I try to keep up with everybody’s birthday. I does provide a nice constant stream of traffic, but I do not want to think of the scenario where I have 8 different profiles to keep up PER WEBSITE I own!

How do you make use of this? Do you use different profiles to generate extra and specific traffic?

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

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