A new year… a new beginning. Although I usually were not the type to make (and therefor keep) New Year’s resolutions, this year I am going to make and keep some. 5 resolutions to be precise (2012 = 5)

1 — No alcohol

Alcohol is and never has been a big ingredient in my daily diet… every now and then a glass of wine with lunch or dinner, a bit more when among friends or at a party. Mainly as one of the goals of my resolutions is to achieve a better bodyweight, eliminating a non-contributing factor helps me to focus.

2 — No coffee

This resolution has a two-fold reason:

I like coffee. Yet I also notice what it does with my body lately. My breath, my teeth, short jolts in body temperature, corresponding craving for sweetness (hazelnut syrup shot, please!)… together with a non satisfactory feeling after about half an hour after consuming coffee make that I want to test what it does when I stay away from coffee. Not just to my body, but also to my mind state. I like tea. I like tea so much that, together with a partner, I built a company that soon will help the Dutch people to better appreciate and consume tea. Along that line, I still have a bunch of teas to explore, experience their added values and learn more about their origin etc. So same story here, eliminating 1 ingredient of my diet, helps focusing on the other.

3 — Less sugar

As I mentioned earlier, I have a craving for sweet stuff, while my actual need is not really paralel with that. It is a conditioned crave with certain food and drinks. With tea I have already eliminated all sweeteners (let alone when my throat needs special care, when some high-quality honey is allowed), so why not follow that trend with all other stuff I consume?

4 — Regular exercise

To put it simply: I must incorporate exercise in my weekly schedule. About 3 weeks ago my back went out when I started a sprint for a few hundred meters… A clear message that all the time I spend stationary behind my desk needs some dynamic compensation.

5 — Focus

When you eat, eat. When you drink, drink. When you walk, walk. Simple advises, but with a truth greater than most of us know. We have a tendency to think we can multitask, even with the multitude of input we receive nowadays. I am going back to basics and will address certain time slots to certain activities, as well allowing only 1 channel at the time to provide me with information. Most probably the most difficult resolution, but an interesting challenge.

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