The Blogosphere is in constant motion…

While every blogger (myself included) is in constant motion to tweak his or her site(s) (Are you not? Shame on you! ^__^) with the latest tips, tricks and developments, we sometimes forget that we read blogs of actual people.

I find myself more and more hitting that “about” link, wondering whether there is some real life-story with some actual content. On this site I kept it quite short, over at I gave some other additional info, and in and between my posts you can read a little more. But there are enough blogs that are only providing info on a topic, instead of on the person behind it… So while I am doing also a little link-baiting with a title and post slug called myspace, I am actually referring to the personal space of the blogger. Because it is not that often that we get to peek into the personal life… I mean how being a blogger influences daily life, your family, your friends, your other job. Sure, there are exceptions, Darren Rowse is quite open, while being respectful towards his close and loved ones by not being too explicit, but most bloggers keep babbling about how to optimize this, how they earned that and what they will do next…

I am a bit curious about their home situations… Is that voyeuristic? Maybe, but I think that most people only see the result (i.e. the blog/site) and forget that it took some effort to achieve that. Most of the time the effort of 1 person. The actual blogging is one thing, reading, gathering info, site-design and -tweaking cost a lot of time… which cannot be spend on anything “social”. I am in a position that if I do not want to blog I simply do not do it. But I can understand that a problogger needs to continue no matter what. I guess that could create situations that hugely influence a blogger’s close environment.

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

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