Is this the ultimate portable blogging tool?

Mylo allows users to connect to mobile and wired phone lines at very low cost from any WiFi access point to which the user has access.

The device, which is also capable of displaying full web pages and which can receive SkypeIn as well as place SkypeOut calls can be used via the speaker and microphone or less obtrusively with a headset. According to the press release Skype functionality is ready to go right out of the box and call history and voicemail as well as Skype chat and multi chat with animated emoticons are supported. You can also search for and add contacts and view full profiles. Automatic Skype sign-in is also a feature.


  • 2.4 inch LCD screen (diagonally)
  • 1 GB flash memory
  • Slide out qwerty keyboard
  • Available in either blackor white
  • Battery-life up till 45 hours listening music or 7 hours chatting and surfing
  • Skype, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger installed
  • JiWire?s hotspot directory with roughly 20,000 wifi networks in de V.S.
  • Due in September
  • Price-tag: $350.

Too bad it does not connect to GSM network…

(via techcrunch)

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