In sports you have the MVP, Most Valuable Player. Why not do the same for bloggers? MVB: Most Valuable Blogger (should there be an award for this???). This should be not about the fact that he or she has made most money through blogging, I am talking about most valuable for other bloggers:

This MVB should…

  1. … be either a professional or amateur blogger,
  2. … specifically contribute to both rookie- and settled bloggers,
  3. … be inspirational / motivating,
  4. … have built up an impeccable reputation,
  5. … be known to most in the blogosphere for the last year,
  6. … be either male or female.

Okay, while setting these criteria, I just keep in mind that the most valuable factor of this blogger is having contributed exceptionally to other bloggers for the last year.
This could be either through advise (e.g., through providing blog software (e.g. a WordPress-plugin) or maybe exceptional writing on personal blogging experiences.

So shoot: Who do you have in mind? Who changed your blogging life last 12 months?

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