Interesting article at CNN on the increase of people using cellphones to give the world their view on things in war-zones like Lebanon-Israel right now.

Cell phones today transmit audio, video, graphics, photographs and text. When combined with the proper web application, cell phones enable any citizen in any country of any background to publish information and share it with the world.

Says Erik Sundelof, who was interviewed for the article. His view: “Every Cell Phone as Citizen Media Outlet” (full article by MediaShift’s Mark Glaser). Erik is using all possibilities to promote his visions. You can read about it elobarately over at his blog, the article’s title says it all: The future of the new improved media
A quote that will catch your attention:

Delivering unfiltered, uncontrolled and as free news as possible is a crucial part of any work towards and/or to sustain democracy. Making people trust the news media and to enable them to feel part of the news making is equally important. ? Imagine people being able to report back from events such as the London bombings, the riots in Paris and the recent events in Belarus or maybe just report from your neighborhood about any crimes or other problems.?

I still have my ethical doubts about all this, but I guess that it is a development that simply cannot be stopped: The technology is here and linking everything is – as is being proven – a matter of very little time.

How do you feel about developments like these? How much does it endanger your private life?

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