Matt Cutts has been posting some interesting videos on Search Engine Optimization. The stuff he displays will not be shocking news to those who are quite comfortable with SEO, but still, for both SEO-newbie and -veteran these Google-videos are a well spoken guide.

The topics he has covered till now:

    • Does Sitemaps depend on pageviews?
    • What are the top things to do in SEO?
    • Should I use bold or strong tags?
    • Myths: Sites on the same server, IP, or including off-domain JavaScript
    • Launching sites with millions of pages: how should I do it best?
    • Google images: updates on the horizon, and current Google Images technology
    • Which is more important: search engine optimization (SEO) or end user optimization?
    • What spam detection tools would you recommend?
    • Does cleanliness of code (W3C) help at all?
    • Static vs. Dynamic urls: does PageRank flow the same to both? What pitfalls should I avoid with dynamic urls?
    • Can Sitemaps alert webmasters when their site has been hacked?
    • Can I do geotargetting within Google?s Quality Guidelines?
    • Merging acquired domains with 301s?
    • How to create a site architecture with themes and keywords?
    • My urls have too many parameters?can I serve up static HTML to Googlebot instead?
    • How to do split A/B testing?
    • Should I worry about results estimates for 1) supplemental results 2) using the site: operator 3) with negated terms and 4) special syntax such as intitle: ? Answer: No. That?s pretty far off the beaten path.
    • Why do 301s take so long to be reflected in supplemental results? It?s been months.
    • I started appearing in the supplemental results in May?should I be worried?

This is like having a SEO teacher that visits you at home… quite nice!

Sessions 1-3 (
Sessions 4-6 (

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