While Down Under some leading (pro-)bloggers prepare for the Blogonomics Cruise, some other high-profile persons in the blogosphere gather in Geneva for LIFT ’06 (Life, Ideas, Futures, Together).

In general:

LIFT is about teaming talented observers, explorers, and builders with people whose work depends on understanding current challenges and creative solutions presented by emerging technologies. Attendees will face cutting edge business models, bold predictions, radical thinking — ideas to inject into their own part of the planet.

LIFT has a simple goal: connect people who are passionate about new applications of technology and propel their conversations into the broader world to improve life and work.

Very interesting speakers, got notice on this a bit late, today is already closing day.
Reading the program I think a gathering like this brings many related and indirect-related worlds and people together in a very enriching way. Blogging is linked to too many related factors, like design, technology and communities.

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