Having seen the importance of keywords in your domainname, I thought of combining this with my findings regarding page-slugs.

As some people miss out both on traffic AND on content related Adsense ads (specifically on their frontpage index.php/htm) I tried something with a domain I was just about to launch.

The domain name consisted of two words that separately represent what the blog is about, but with the two words together (as one word) I do not get anything from a keyword-selector-tool.

First I installed a version of WordPress in the root and added some ads… Even after 1 week, the ads on the main site (index.php) showed nothing but “Help the Hurricane Victims”…

So instead I created a folder named after the most important keyword, moved WP in there and set up a redirect in cPanel. Instantly I noticed that all ads were fixed and with the keyword in whatever site related address, this seems to be guaranteed.

Now what the redirection and subfolder will do to traffic in general is something to find out in time, I could not really find anything on this. What I do know is that search engines not really seem to care whether a found page is in the root or in a sub-folder, so I guess this does not really bother.

Think that this might enlighten some grief for people that are bound to not-content-related domains…

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