I (switched Apple-fan) am in shock reading this:

Experts at SophosLabs, believe they have discovered the first virus for the Apple Mac OS X platform. According to SophosLabs, the OSX/Leap-A worm spreads via the iChat instant messaging system, forwarding itself as a file called latestpics.tgz to contacts on the infected users’ buddy list. Proclaiming to be screenshots of the next version of the Mac Operating System, when users open the latestpics.tgz archive file it disguises its contents with a JPEG graphic icon in an attempt to fool people into thinking it is harmless.

I somehow wondered when the day would come that the first Mac-virus would surface… Some Mac-fanatics say it is “just” a trojan horse. With this thing surfacing, I immediately think who would do such thing. And directly think of some anti-virus-software producer: Money makes the world go round… sad but still true.

(Security Response by SYMANTEC)

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