We know now the importance of a good page-slug, and we have seen on many sites the importance of the optimal use of title-tags. What a lot of bloggers forget and do not optimize, is their blog’s description.

The amount of blog where the description still states “My daily ramblings”, “Another day in the life of…” or even worse “Just another WordPress blog”, is enormous.

What most bloggers forget is that a lot of themes automatically add the description to the title of each page, just like on this site. When I started this site in December of 2005, I thought about a description that stated what I am doing here, but did not really think of usage of any keywords in this. With my next theme this will be adjusted.

To be sure that the description can really make a difference, I tested this with one of my sites; curlysoul.com
The site’s description used to be: Dark & Intertwined. But I realized that this being a site about SOUL MUSIC, I missed out the important keywords. So I simply added them to the description (wp-admin » options » description).

A few days later this resulted in 2 things:

  1. My statistics showed that people entered my site as a result of a search string with soul and music (dark soul music even puts me in first position),
  2. My Adsense ads showed better targeted ads.

Yes, I know that in the end this comes down to the importance of the title-tags, but I think that for those that are not at ease tweaking their site’s code, choosing the right theme and choosing a well key-worded description can already make a big difference in both SEO and ad-targeting.

If you want to add your own experience with this, please feel free and do so through the comments.

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