I know: My blogging regularity has dropped to an all time low. Lazy? No, far from that. Change of priorities? Yeah.

Where I am not a pro-blogger and have a daytime job that currently asks more time than ever (taking over a family business and moving into a new office) I have many things on my mind that cause a fade in my urge to blog. Where I think it is important to keep my blogging at some quality level, I choose to better not post at all, than to ramble nonsense that my readers might see as a lack of dedication. So what I do then?

I found out that building simple websites is kind of a numb job, but qualifies as a good time-filler… better than watching TV for instance, which is no option while I have none. Yup, for over 5 years I am tv-less and find my news through newspapers, radio and internet. Anyhow.
So I started with one of my domains, put up a page-only version of WordPress and made some static pages. Content, Pictures, Feeds, Goooood Page-Slugs and a layout with all optimization knowledge I have…

A bit over 2 months now… this website starts to generate money and shows a very nice increase in visitors, who are generating a very high CTR (although the topic does not generate very high paying ads, this still means a nice revenue). Do I become lazy? Not really, but it is a nice change of track for a while and it shows that my learned blogging techniques can be applied to more than just plain blogging. And the best side-effect: Now that this site is up and running, I do not need to do anything and can return my focus to blogging, while I know this site makes money.

I for me find riding a side-track every now and then a breeze that causes new insights and opportunities. Another thing is that I now know that I do not have to be afraid to drop my routines for a while. Sure, you need some base for that, but it also comes down to your attitude and what you expect…

Guess it is alright to say that the best way to find out things like these is to just TRY them.
How do you feel about breaking traditions and routines in your blogging?

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