I prepared this post on the train, using my Nokia N95 and wireless keyboard.
When I look at my daily digital activities, I sometimes think about rather looking at the little time I am not digitally occupied.

I just saw the show of a befriended and amazing stand-up comedian. It was his last in these series and he is getting ready for a month of relaxation by walking to Santiago de Compostella. Without phone, without laptop, without contact with the world of friends and family. He is pulling the plug for a month, charging himself before writing his new show.

It got me wondering… would I be able to do the same? Maybe better question: would I want to do so? I often fantasize about taking off a few months. I crave doing something alike. Unplug, stepping out of the Matrix and focus on my own inner self and body. And maybe after such a period I would love to see some time I could spend on materializing the ideas I constantly brew up… a bit like when this comedian is writing, preparing his next show, his next step.

Right now, while starting my own holding that will take over my father’s company, I notice how much is being asked from me on a rational level. It emphasizes the fact that I am paying less attention to body and soul. I know – and more importantly – I feel that I should bring the three components of life back in balance again.

Does this mean I take a month off? Not really. When I decided to take over the business, I knew there would be things that I would have to postpone for quite a while. Taking a month off is definitely something for a few stages further into the process of running your own business.

Still, it is something that should be done at a certain moment. So it is a goal and putting that feeling in my body makes that I will work towards it.

The thought of unplugging right now is a bit far from my bed. Not owning a television is highly compensated by my internet- and mobile phone usage. Yet I know I should work towards reduction of this kinda activities to the bare essentials.

In combination with working and living more efficiently, decluttering life and Getting Things Done, balance of body, mind and soul should be achieved more easily.

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