We all face this one moment: You are staring at your screen, staring at your hands on your keyboard… and back to your screen again. Your mind is blank and although you really want to share another post with the world, your daily blog subject suddenly does not provide you with anything.

Where the usual reaction is more staring and aimless searching, you might want to try a different angle:

  1. Fire up www.technorati.com
  2. enter the name of a category you usually use in your blog posts (or the topic you just cannot get any ideas on) into the search bar
  3. Subscribe to the RSS feed of the results you get
  4. Repeat step 2 & 3 till your search needs are satisfied
  5. Start reading your targeted feeds
  6. You now have a permanent source of relevant information!

It is not a matter of hard work, it simply eases to enlarge your window of reference and enables you to easily broaden your (dead) ideas.

And with the 55 million blogs that Technorati tracks… it is hard NOT to find any new brainwaves!

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