Steve Pavlina has an interesting (and very long) article on “How to build a High-Traffic Web Site (or Blog)“…
His 10 points on how to do this, reflections of his own experience, or not really new, but might be inspirational to some new bloggers/web-publishers.

I think his comparison with Aristotle is a bit of the hook, but he has a good thought behind this article. Most important sentence in my opinion is: “write for human beings first, computers second”. While the title of the article would suggest this article is all about SEO, I find it interesting that he puts in this human factor, as well as neglecting some “rules” about blogging, like article-length… As said before, his article (as most of his articles) is quite long. Reflected in the visitors he is getting monthly, this not seems to harm his site in any way.

Read the article, and try to reflect it on your own purpose of blogging/writing. I myself use articles like these as a hint-guide. Some points trigger me, others just do not fit me.

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