posted their “Web Celeb 25“.

Quite an impressive list:

  1. Jessica Lee Rose (Lonelygirl15)
  2. Perez Hilton
  3. Markos Moulitsas Zniga
  4. Matt Drudge
  5. Seth Godin
  6. Jeff Jarvis
  7. Glenn Reynolds
  8. Amanda Congdon
  9. Robert Scoble
  10. Michael Arrington
  11. Hosea Frank (aka ZeFrank)
  12. Jimmy Wales
  13. Harry Knowles
  14. Frank Warren
  15. Cory Doctorow
  16. Xeni Jardin
  17. Leo Laporte
  18. Merlin Mann
  19. John H. Hinderaker
  20. Charles Johnson
  21. Kevin Sites
  22. Mark Lisanti
  23. Jason Calacanis
  24. Om Malik
  25. Violet Blue

Who are we missing here???

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