I love Evernote. It has taken me some time, but since it has become part of my daily life, the added value of Evernote shows and proofs itself time and time again.

Evernote makes it easy to remember things big and small from your notable life using your computer, phone, and the web.

But… there is always a but. But one thing is that I like to make lists… you can say what you want, yet lists we make and we make a lot of them. And at this moment, making lists in Evernote is not optimal… actually, it is far from optimal. Yes, there are some shortcuts for numbered and bulleted lists, you can use tab and shift+tab to increase and decrease indent, but it simply is not as good as it could… it simply is not as good as WorkFlowy!

WorkFlowy provides a better way to organize your brain. It mimics the way you naturally think, and gives you one place to manage all the information in your life.

WorkFlowy is a tool I like a lot, but for my workflow, I would rather see it incorporated in Evernote, as Evernote is the one location I want to have my lists in, as well as all my notes, my random pictures for ideas, my copies of important PDF’s, copies of receipts and scans of my business cards…

The combination of Evernote and WorkFlowy would result in the ultimate GTD and second memory tool… Boom! Amazing! Better, it would result in a tool in which super smooth and quick navigating and formatting of lists with only your keyboard.
True, WorkFlowy is a tool to be used in browser only, stands on its own in regard to sharing (incorporating the WorkFlowy features in Google’s to do lists would also be interesting to see), yet I really prefer to see the ultimate tool rise from this kind of accumulation of highly-efficient functionalities.

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

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