The more I think of it, the less sense it makes: Why on Earth does the iPad lack the multiple user accounts?

Especially from a turn-over point of view, I guess there is something to say when multiple users use 1 device and fill it up with multiple apps or maybe even the same apps, right?

Current situation at home: 2 people, 1 iPad and 2 totally opposite purposes of using the iPad… In this specific case, I am the underdog, as my girl happens to be the owner. She’s a PC (I’m a Mac) and has a different focus and taste. So I am not the one filling it up with my flavor of apps, nor syncing it with my Mac. Should there be a possibility of multiple user accounts, she could maintain her preferences and apps, while I could add mine. She could sync with Window$, while I could sync with Mac…

What do you think? Would this be feasible? Should Apple add this feature for our and their own benefit?

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