…goes beyond encryption to offer users what cryptographers call “steganography,” the ability to conceal a message inside another message. Instead of merely enciphering users’ communications in a scramble of nonsensical characters, DissidentX can camouflage their secrets in an inconspicuous website, a corporate document, or any other, pre-existing file from a Rick Astley video to a digital copy of Crime and Punishment.

First thing that comes to mind: “Say what? Are we going to create the ultimate hide and seek game in digital history?” Are we (re)entering the times of micro-film behind a post stamp?

“What you really want is to be as unsuspicious as possible,” says Cohen, who spoke with me about DissidentX at the Real World Crypto conference in New York Tuesday. “We don’t want an interloper to be able to tell that this communication is happening at all.”

Again: What? The idea might be very independent and forward in a positive way, but how are the “bad guys” going to (ab)use this??? I understand that many are going to look for the next level of untraceability, but isn’t this always a double-edged sword?

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