On most of my sites, the percentage of traffic I receive from Search Engines is less than that of referrals and direct links. Reason that I write about this, of course, is that 1 site depends heavily on Search Engine results.

I took a risk with this site, bringing alive a good domain, but in a far for niche market. Most related search strings produce about 15 million results… Ouch! Well, that is what I thought first.
As it appeared, I had implemented my knowledge well and in about 2 months, this site pops up in the top 7 on search.msn, LIVE and other MSN based search engines. Where the most important search string produces** 20 million** results, this particular site is on the first page!

As a result, More than 50% of the traffic to this site comes from MSN. Google brings in a neglectable percentage…
So now I wonder: Should I be worried depending so much on search engine traffic? Or should I be delighted that it is from MSN, considering MSN Search to be the default search engine for Internet Explorer 7?

How do you cope with situations alike?

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