While I was updating and upgrading multiple sites I came across some old content at halftrue.com. When I started that blog in 2004, I took the freedom to title each post with a number. After having upgraded both theme and WordPress, I saw that the Adsense ads all gave the public service ads instead of money making content related ads…

I left all titles as is, but started renaming all post-slugs from numbers to content related (yeah, now I know it is meant for that) slugs. While doing so and saving I saw the immediate reflection in the google ads. Quite amazing and quite stupid that never before I paid enough attention to it. Come to think of it, I notice how when I just started blogging a few years ago, I totally did not take advantage of all the blogging possibilities.

So now you might find both posts and pages that have slightly different slugs than its titles, just for the sake of getting the best ads.
But still, it gives you the opportunity on one hand to direct the best ads to your blog, on the other hand to divert your strategy and surprise your visitors with eyecatchers they do not expect.
For instance: If I knew that the bigger portion of my visitors was male, single and really into blond female singers with a dancing boyfriend named Kevin… I would like the ads to catch some extra attention! So for this post you are reading, just to show how easy it can be done, I exaggerated a little… well a lot. =)

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