For some time I used a blog to blurp out my deep thoughts and ramblings (as alter-ego Tzar over at HalfTrue). Did not really care that I only had like a dozen readers. Outing myself to a maybe empty world felt better than keeping it inside. That urge has gone. That kind of material is for my loved ones. It was for just a small period in my life, and thankfully I developed…

But browsing through the enormous quantity of weblogs (for instance through blog-explosion) I am amazed how many people blurb out their very personal life, even though many of them do not have any readers at all, or at least no readers that make the effort of commenting. Why is it that so many have, and more important, keep the urge to “share” that personal information?

In some way it is hypocrite that people do NOT want to communicate face2face, but DO want to let the whole world know what goes on in their own backyard by means of their blog.

I know, it can also bring new people into your life, I experienced that myself. But that is when you have that two-way traffic at your site. I talk about all those blogs that just vegetate… and in fact are quite sad…

Just a thought, as I looked back on how I started blogging… =)

Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons

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