Chitika’s eMiniMalls are still one of a kind in their appearance, but to me they are one of a kind in performance and revenue too.

Having used the eminimalls on a few of my websites and played around with them concerning size, placement and keywords, I found out the following:

  1. The eMiniMalls are not really a stable factor to my websites, as their appearance (yes/no picture, (in)correctly displayed text, yes/no regional adaptation) constantly differs,
  2. No matter how many keywords, still non-related products appear,
  3. They seem to influence the performance of Adsense ads (after removing the eMiniMalls from 1 site, the revenue per click for Adsense got higher),
  4. Most important for me: The eMiniMalls get most attention and highest click-through-rate on websites that actually relate to PRODUCTS.

This last point is what sets Chitika apart from Adsense. This might not be shocking news, but to me it seems an aspect that is overlooked by many bloggers. The eMinimalls do have their name for a reason: they display actual products! The eMiniMalls are, because of this behavior, not an advertising tool to be used on every website/blog. Most blogs are not product-related anyhow…

So better to get the ads that actually work, target well and bring in some revenue, than get many different advertising sorts that only mess up your site and therefor its readability.

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