I am going to need some help with this one.
Already thinking some month ahead, I am browsing different mobile sites and forums to gather information and feedback in my search for my next mobile phone. As blogging has become more part of my life, I am looking for a a phone that is best suitable for mobile blogging too.

I made a list of the requirements I am looking for at this moment. (please shoot me some extra specifics I must keep in mind!)

  1. No Nokia – Okay let me explain. For me it is the same reason as working with Mac. Where my personal intuition should stroke with the device’s intuitive interface, Nokia simply keeps bothering me in detail.
  2. Max 150 grams, preferrably less – I hate it when my mobile makes my clothing go askew and i hate those beltclips, so weight is important.
  3. Fast responding and quick (learning) text input – Full qwerty, simple abc or text-recognition touchscreen, I want my device to respond and display quickly what I enter and it must be able to learn new words quickly too (adding new words totally stinks with some brands).
  4. Tri-band at least – I happen to travel every now and then…
  5. Wi-Fi – A must… If I can skip quircky GPRS and UMTS connections (be it for the costs alone) and connect locally to a nice a speedy wi-fi network, decision is quickly made.
  6. Design – I am a sucker for that, as long as it is functional too.
  7. Web-browser – Kinda necessary when blogging mobily.
  8. RSS reader – While this can be done in a web-browser, one integrated in the mobile interface might optimize its userfriendliness.
  9. Symbian OS – I am a Mac user, need I say more?
  10. iSync – Bluetooth or wire, as long as it does the synchronizing quickly.

Still dubbing between a mobile phone and a PDA. While the need for a camera and stuff like music playback are not on the list of requirements, I will not omit them, but there is no real need.

At this moment I am looking through the specs of the P990i of SonyEricsson, which seems to meet all requirements. The M600i had my eye first, but sadly it lacks Wi-Fi.

So, I need some feedback:

  • What phone do you use?
  • Do you blog using your mobile?
  • If you could choose, what phone WOULD you use?

Looking forward to some good suggestions and pointers!

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