Looking at how I browse different sites and what I digg and what I do not like, I came to realize that one of the more important things is knowing what to expect. I find it pleasant that on certain sites I frequently visit, I know what I will find there and in which design and lay-out. That eases my experience and speeds up getting to what you are looking for, the content. On most of my sites, I used the Adsense Deluxe, to be able to drop Adsense ads into different positions in posts. It works well, the site that currently brings in most (no millions, I am still talking about like 2 bucks a day) is one where adsense deluxe seems to work very well.

I just wonder whether ads on fixed positions on a website (that still can be in an article) might more easily be neglected by repeat-visitors. On the other hand it can become a solid exit of your website for visitors. Is this (again) something that is mainly depending on the actual amount of visitors?

I will test this in my next site-design, cause I still have the idea (for myself at least) that a steady format and lay-out is more pleasant to a repeat-visitor. So a regular place to find the advertisements goes along with that.

What do you use to place your ads? And do you put them on fixed positions on your site? Please comment!

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