I am Jan van Iperen, born in the year of the Apple I1 in Holland, a.k.a The Netherlands, which means I am Dutch2. Married to Bee, father to Julius & Raphael and enjoying life.

etymology/origin of ipears

Back in 2005, while brainstorming for a suitable domain, following line of thoughts resulted in the domain and ipears soon became my alias online.

  1. van iperen (Dutch, my surname)
  2. van iperen (Dutch)
  3. i — peren (Dutch)
  4. i — pears (English: the English for “peren” is “pears”)
  5. ipears (English)

passion = work = passion

In day time, I am owner and managing director of indupro, a brokerage company for fruit juices, concentrates, essential oils, aromas and powders.

broad interest

Some people said I had lack of focus, could not concentrate well, was easily disturbed… I like to say I was and still am gifted with a broad interest. This means I know a little about everything, have a knack at learning things by doing rather than studying and yes, I do not easily fit in a box.

I had an early experience with coding in the 80’s when I learned BASIC on the

10 PRINT  "Commodore 64"  
20 GOTO 10  

… but it was not until about 2003 that I dove into source code again, while creating websites for my first domains.

As mentioned, I have a broad interest, so over the years I have learned about HTML, CSS, PHP, while working mainly with WordPress, followed by Ruby, Node, Meteor, Meteorite while working with Jekyll and Telescope, more recently.

  1. 1976

  2. Pun intended, referring to an opening scene of Seinfeld.