Restless world… As I have learned myself to become more aware of my inner being, my own world has come to a balanced ease. Negative side-effect of this, is that the contrast with the “outer world” has only become bigger. Thus far I realized that this fact influences my relationship with other people in serious ways. I come to realize that the more people let me be, and really be me, the more I see the friend in them, and the more I can return the favor. I am talking about sharing here. Where a true friend will give me peace and space to be who I really am, there are also those people that trie hard, almost force you to be a friend… the people that, without knowing/feeling themselves, suck out energy and only create dis-balance in friendship.

I try not to judge, to even let those people just be. Still, I notice that if those people do not come to the point of realization - that the effort they put into a friendship will not only cost them, but also their friend a lot of energy - a natural dividing will take place… Simply said: you lose a so-called friend. Well, maybe not really losing, but the friend shift to another level of friendship. Maybe a bit more shallow.

That last point… there is nothing wrong with that. I think that every person needs people around of different levels of relation. From just for fun, to for serious and deep friendship. In that way we keep getting reminded and we strengthen the fact that we need some total feeding of our being, which simply cannot be obtained from 1 person. I think that even the person you find, or the person that finds you, with whom you will spend the biggest part of your life, will always lack some things that you will receive or share with another person. And in the best situation, this will only complement the other other relationship(s).

As I said before, I truly believe that every person I meet can teach me something… not only in knowledge, but more important: he or she can teach me something about myself.

Living is being taught every day… on any level, by any person.

Originally, this post appeared on HalfTrue, yet the domain "" and the accompanying pseudonym "tzar" were lost… somewhere along the mystical paths of the interwebs.

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