Okay, I said I would be posting more as soon as I would have the right tools… So here I am.

Received my powerbook today, and after a few hours of fooling around with it and mainly be amazed, I finally get to the point of actual writing. Of course I could use a few lines on praising Apple and boycotting Microsoft, but I will not. Enough has been said on that and the fact that I switched says enough about how stand in this.

Last period, in which I simply did not have much time was quite intense for me. In work as well as private I went through some interesting developments. Work was very a bit crazy, lots of trouble with untrustworthy people and a market that is simply slow. The good thing was that it pushed us to look for new opportunities and create new chances. One of the results is that I will visit Brazil for a short period of time. Learning from the master. Looking forward to this, as it looks like the best way to speed up my personal progress in business and business-understanding. As for my private situation, more and more I master the ability to let go feelings that influence me negatively. I sounds so simple, but now, after about a year I am working on this, I experience the benefits of it. I am more relaxed, have to ability to restore my energy quicker and with certain people I communicate on a higher level. It feels good. I feel good. And that is something very pleasant to say.

My mother recuperated well and finally decided to put some effort in body and mind. Started to cycle, went on a short holiday and will start with yoga shortly. It’s a relief for me… The bad thing caused some good developments.

And in the meantime the world just keeps spinning around. Developments in the world are not that good, but happily enough there is a growing number of people that acknowledge that and search and find ways to create counterweight for these “bad” developments. And not to forget, let us see what the new Pope can achieve in this world.

For me every new day gives new opportunities. I seek the ways to fulfill as many opportunities as possible.

Originally, this post appeared on HalfTrue, yet the domain "halftrue.com" and the accompanying pseudonym "tzar" were lost… somewhere along the mystical paths of the interwebs.

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