Making decisions…

Funny that somehow things always pile up before you come to the point where you say: “Okay, time to make some decisions!” Just went to another phase like that. But lately I take it more like an achievement, or at least as a positive process. As I am more and more able to keep my own state of mind very restful, there has come more time and mind-space to make the right decisions. Better said, I think that the decisions I make lately have a better ground.

So one of the decisions was not even really something deep, but for me a good step forward. For more than a year I had no computer at home, so I had to do all that stuff in the after hours at the office. Not really a good environment for the creative mind. So. Because I have some high standard of what I laptop-like want, I was still saving money… Now I came to the point of enough is enough and decided to take action. So with a little third-party funding I am able to get what I want a bit earlier. This way I can work on the things I want in the right environment and dedicate my work at the office solely to that. So in about 1 week I will have the right equipment to further develop this site and work on some other things, that in the end should bring in some money to refund the laptop and stuff… invest to win I guess.

Somehow I feel that I am talking a lot about material stuff, but I see that some things are necessary to provide space and the right circumstances to develop mind and soul… No, I should be fair, it’s a luxury to be able to create these extra possibilities.

At this moment, it sure feels like the right thing to do.

update: Order placed and confirmed for my new powerbook! Let the nerve-wrecking waiting begin!

Originally, this post appeared on HalfTrue, yet the domain "" and the accompanying pseudonym "tzar" were lost… somewhere along the mystical paths of the interwebs.

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