Although not much free time…

There are those moments, when you are smashed back on earth from your daily rushy life…
A few days ago my mother had a TIA. Well, at that time I did not know it was a TIA, nor did I know what a TIA was… All I heard is that my mother had a very light and minor stroke. I was totally off for quite a while. It is things like these that make you aware of the fact that your parents are getting older. Even more, it made me aware that through such a small happening, in a worse scenario, one of my parents could suddenly become disabled.

Thank God this was only a very mild TIA. So my mother took it as a big warning and has consulted a nutritionist and neurologist to take further action. She needs to change some eating and exercise patterns to bring down her cholesterol level.
But still, I am worried, having read quite something on this matter now, I understand that 1 in every 5 people that suffered a TIA will suffer from a Stroke in the following 5 years. That is not really mind-soothing.

For the time being I am back at ease again, but since this happened I have some undercurrent of alertness for everything she mentions that is not normal… strange?

Originally, this post appeared on HalfTrue, yet the domain "" and the accompanying pseudonym "tzar" were lost… somewhere along the mystical paths of the interwebs.

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