This World hurts…

It is time that we start looking at the world as a body. We are nothing but the organisms living in symbiosis with this body. Well, that is how it should be. At the moment (although the positive part of me thinks that there is a slight change…) we are nothing but parasites, sucking out the powers and possibilities.
It might be harsh to say that the disaster in South-East Asia was nothing but a cry for attention of the earth, but on the other hand… When a body gets abused it usually puts its defense-system at work.

I know, the people suffering from the Tsunami are not the ones that are abusing the earth, they are not the ones polluting the environment. But this disaster has had and has major impact on the whole world and therefor this cry is heard.

Am I thinking to deep? Yeah yeah, I know about the true reason, I know how shifting earth layers can cause trouble like this in monstrous ways… but still, I wonder.

Does the earth hurt?

Originally, this post appeared on HalfTrue, yet the domain "" and the accompanying pseudonym "tzar" were lost… somewhere along the mystical paths of the interwebs.

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