Almost 4 weeks without the java… and still doing okay.
Even got an alternative from a friend: Bambu (by Dr. Vogel), a homeopathic alternative, made from grain and chicory ingredients… I must say that plain it tastes a little woody, but in a cappuccino variant it is pretty okay!

Tomorrow I am going out with some people among which is the girl mentioned earlier… you can understand I got a bit of the jitters… but looking forward to it anyhow, even though there might be the possible attendance of her boyfriend! Yeah, I’ll keep my head up.

I am looking forward to some quiet time too, but it seems that that never happens in December! Will have to make the best of it then… ;)

Originally, this post appeared on HalfTrue, yet the domain "" and the accompanying pseudonym "tzar" were lost… somewhere along the mystical paths of the interwebs.

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