Pfew… I am tired… As mentioned in one of my first posts, I pay more than average attention to the people I encounter in my life. I happen to come along very well with women, but lately it is getting over my head. It almost feels like a second job.

It is hard to say no when a friend comes to you with some kind of problem or trouble in her life. Mainly because I find people and what they do very intriguing, I hardly ever say “no”. Besides, even from listening to one’s troubles, I learn and develop myself… But like all people, I too need some extra time and attention, or maybe: some time for attention to myself!
Like now, I take a little break from my work to write this, and I can already feel it working: I am calming down.

Being there and being helpful to other people is one of the best things in life, because the payback of grateful people is always warming. The difficulty is to keep things in balance. At this moment, the scales are definitely shifting to the wrong side. So I have to work on me very hard: meditation and working out, and silence. Letting myself *feel *what exactly is happening to me and then straighten things out, reload the battery…

It is funny somehow, because most people in such a case would blame the time- and energy consumption done by others… I blame myself for not keeping control over the balance in my life lately.
That is something that is in my being for the last half year, but still, my body has the get used to this and prevent from slipping into the old patterns. It is just like memory plastic: I am working to create a new “original” form into which I (my body, mind & soul) can bend back without paying effort. But that turns out to be pretty difficult when being tired.

Something that has consumed some more energy than average lately is the world news. It has been some hectic week and it has not really improved my faith in the world of tomorrow.

I am taking a little mind-vacation. Hope to be boosting with energy again very soon!

Originally, this post appeared on HalfTrue, yet the domain "" and the accompanying pseudonym "tzar" were lost… somewhere along the mystical paths of the interwebs.

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