Sick world…

So Bush won, maybe the only positive remarks on that are that this time he has the popular vote, which makes it a bit democratic. I did not favor Kerry either, but I think it was time for a change and do not know what to expect now… there will be a lot of kissing up to do for Bush to get enough funds for his “war on whatever”… As almost the whole world wanted to see Kerry win, America and some countries in need of grain and other essentials from the States, favored Bush… in the end it all comes down to oil and money. Would love to see a “world”leader stand up and say: “Yes, my whole policy is focussed on money, and to get as much as possible I close deals with countries that tolerate everything our Western Society opposes… besides that I do not care how long it takes and how many have to suffer or even die till my never-appearing goal will be reached… so vote for me!” 
This whole world is one big theater where the actors are cheap and still have their jobs… that is sick.

In Europe, in the small and very tolerant country of The Netherlands, last Tuesday film director and liberal critic Theo van Gogh was murdered. First being shot, he was stabbed and got a letter pinned to his lifeless body… The murderer, a Moroccan 26-year old, was captured shortly after.
Today the contents of the letter were published, being an open attack on politician Ayaan Hirschi Ali, on The Netherlands, on Europe and the USA… This was no one-man deed, but an action from one man representing a small group of islamic extremists, that are announcing the holy war – Jihad – on the so-called “aggressors” that they see as enemies…
Discussion in Europe is rising again and the “free” feeling seems to slink… Freedom of speech, especially in The Netherlands, is the key element of democracy. And now again, like when politician and liberal critic Pim Fortuyn was murdered in Holland, this element is in big danger…
Fear is who will be next, but moreover, Europe fears that everything it stands for will crumble down…

Why is it impossible to let people see that everybody has his own truth. And all we need to do is respect that, be open to other and new ideas, and if we want to do something with it… we can. If not, so be it.
Tolerance is 2-way traffic…

Rest in Peace Theo.

Originally, this post appeared on HalfTrue, yet the domain "" and the accompanying pseudonym "tzar" were lost… somewhere along the mystical paths of the interwebs.

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