Okay, first I have to finish what I started about last post. Before I start some huge explanation, I better bring it down to the bottom-line:

What I miss in Western life (yes, “life”, because lately I have trouble with saying Western “civilization”…) is a factor that makes us aware of humanity. It seems that throughout our living, taking, little giving, little sharing, our consuming and arguing, our making war and our spending money on things that are not important in life, we totally have forgotten to put things in perspective.
Yes I understand that scientific research is important, that it can result in finding solutions to major problems on earth… I understand that even spending millions might be worth the effort. But when I read that yet another space mission has not succeeded and millions of Dollars and years of research time have just burned through earth’s or another planet’s atmosphere… I wonder.

The rotten thing about everything, about good or bad, about war or peace, seems to be: MONEY!!!
And because we have come to live in a world where money is ruling our lives, we loose focus. We forget that we (and I speak of those in Western life) are lucky to have been born in an environment where we can live. Where we have a house over our head, where there is guidance and security to some level… all that matters… and still we complain, we are grumpy about everything, are focussing on making money and consuming, bigger cars, bigger houses, nicer wives… Why?

We live in a society where people are not shocked anymore to see people dying on television, because it is on television and “far” away. Even when it is just a few hundred miles away, we do not bother anymore.
The framework we use for reference is completely twisted. Reality TV has made us numb for world’s greatest cruelties and, together with all other rotten television, movies and games, has blurred our view on the little and beautiful things in life… Lately I was crossing the countryside in a train, staring outside. While everybody else was busy talking, working, reading magazines, on the mobile phone, I saw a magpie land on a cow… gently starting to pick the flies from his back! I looked around; did anybody else notice???

We do not enough enjoy the little kicks in life… It is time that we regain the possibility to put things in perspective and see that we can refocus our aims in life. But before being able to do so, we have to drop some “old” habits… which I do not have to mention.

I start with me… how about you?

Originally, this post appeared on HalfTrue, yet the domain "halftrue.com" and the accompanying pseudonym "tzar" were lost… somewhere along the mystical paths of the interwebs.

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