Ok so there I go, I have to start somewhere…

As introduction I have to tell you that for as long as I can remember, I was a guy that could chat well with women, who was always the listening ear. Quickly becoming a good friend, someone one could come to in times of any emotional condition.

I have a wide angle of interests, might say 360º around. So when it involves women, I automatically look a bit deeper too. First my friends laughed as I said that it is good for a man to read Cosmopolitan every now and then, now most of them have surrendered. If you want to understand at least a small piece of the complex female mind, why not start by reading the female sex Bible? Seemed quite logical to me and has proven to be quite useful.

Still that is all theory, most close look in the female kitchen you get in a relationship.

My first serious relationship was with M. It lasted 3 years and has taught me a lot.
As mentioned in an earlier post, I think every person gives me some values, ideas and perspectives that enrich me in a way. M was the first that showed me not only that, but also that a relationship can bring up personal development as a result of the addition of those mind and soul ingredients.

In 3 years I changed a lot. My vision on life, on the relationship with friends and family, and on myself was put in new perspective. When you are early twenty-something, changes like that affect you seriously.

Reverting on that period I look back with pleasure (not only mind and soul, but definitely the body experienced things it had never experienced before), respect and great-fulness. Though I do not want to make this site is some kind of history book, so I am not going into detail on this relationship.

More recently in my life I met people that have had great influence on me, sometimes even in very short period of time. I will use these recent developments and new views. Not only can I be more accurate that way, but it also makes it more realistic.
As I am writing I more and more come to the conclusion that “HalfTrue” is not really what this is about… It should be something like “99%True”. But hey, I started it, so now I will continue this way.

I have a lot on my mind that has to come down here… I hope that I will be able to keep it understandable and a bit structured.

Originally, this post appeared on HalfTrue, yet the domain "halftrue.com" and the accompanying pseudonym "tzar" were lost… somewhere along the mystical paths of the interwebs.

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